FAQ - What parents want to know

Below you will find some answers to potential questions that you may have regarding occupational therapy, we hope you find them helpful.  If at any time you have additional questions, please feel free to contact one of our therapists for assistance.


When should I see an occupational therapist?  You know your child best and if you suspect that your child has difficulty with his/her self-help skills, coordination, feeding, behavior and/or peer/adult interaction, we suggest consulting with an occupational therapist.  The earlier a child receives occupational therapy intervention to address his/her needs, the better prepared he/she is for a successful future.


What is the difference between occupational and physical therapy? OT's and PT's work closely together and do overlap in certain areas when addressing mobility concerns; however, they are not the same. OT primarily focuses on strengthening areas of concern (i.e. motor, sensory, attention, behavior) to achieve independence within an individual's activities of daily living (i.e. play, self-care, handwriting), whereas PT focuses on large motor groups that contribute to walking, standing, physical activity, and pain management.




Do I need a physician's referral? No, you do not need a referral to initiate occupational therapy services in the preschool or home environment unless you are submitting to your insurance company for reimbursement. 
Is OT covered by insurance? Yes, but dots4peds is an out-of-network provider and every insurance plan is different. Please contact your insurance provider to verify occupational therapy benefits prior to starting therapy. We will work with you to maximize your reimbursement potential and provide you with CPT billing codes to submit to your insurance company. 
How much does occupational therapy cost? Occupational therapy services at dots4peds are based on a fee-for-service model and payment is required at the time the treatment session is completed. The fees vary based on the type of service provided (i.e. consultation, screening, treatment, evaluation). Please contact us for a full list of prices.


How do I initiate services for my child?  We provide varying levels of service.  If you have questions, we can consult with you over the phone, email or in person and discuss your concerns. If we determine that your child may need our services, we can schedule an appointment to perform a comprehensive evaluation for your child.  After completion of the evaluation, we can better determine if your child will require additional occupational therapy services. Please consult the "what to expect" tab for comprehensive guidelines.


Where do you provide occupational therapy services? The therapists at dots4peds provide occupational therapy in the home and preschool settings.  We provide therapy in the natural, home environment, as well as reduce the stress of transitioning to a clinic setting. In the preschool setting, we support your child during challenging functional activities in the classroom and on the playground.