What Families

are Saying


We deeply appreciate the trust our families place in our ability to support their child's development and independence.

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"Upon meeting Melanie, our son took to her immediately and he worked with her off and on for the better part of 3 years. In that time, she became a key supporter of his and was also instrumental in his transition to Kindergarten, which was likewise a bit bumpy. It isn't that she merely understood him, which she did in spades, it was that she championed him, advocated for him and was always available to him. But it wasn't just he that benefited from Melanie's skills and heart. She became a sounding board, and lightning rod, and a huge support for us, his parents, as well."

"Melanie is professional, experienced and has developed effective programs for our son and has put our family at ease as my son progressed in acquiring various skills and become more independent. Melanie never runs out of creativity and her programs are exceptional. She is committed and flexible in designing various programs and uses various strategies that has changed our son’s quality of life."

"Jodie is a remarkable OT and an intricate and positively one of a kind angel in our family's lives!!!  During our first session, she pointed out more about our son’s differences then countless medical professional assessments did in a two years span. Thanks to Jodie, we have the groundwork and awareness needed to better support our son." 

Heading 4

"My children have absolutely loved working with Ms. Melanie at dots4peds. Melanie initially did a feeding study on my daughter but separate from that started working with my son weekly as part of his preschool day. He loved his time with her where he worked on emotional regulation and really seemed to retain what she taught. She then began working with my daughter at our house on her picky eating. It definitely helped. She began touching foods and ultimately began trying more foods. She is now much more willing to try new foods and has added several to her repertoire. Thank you dots4peds!"