Preschool Consultation and Screening Services

Consultation and screening are optional. A consultation and/or screening can be initiated by your child's teacher or a parent, A consultation is considered a brief discussion, via phone or in-person, regarding concerns related to your child's development.  A screening consists of a therapist observing your child's abilities in the preschool environment to determine whether or not a full evaluation is warranted. 


Home-based Evaluation and Services

We value a team approach to therapy so it is important that your child be under the care of a physician. Because we are an inclusive therapy practice, we require contact with your child's primary care physician in order to communicate about his/her ongoing progress in therapy. 


Initial Phone Intake

If you have any questions or are interested in receiving occupational therapy services for your child, please call Jodie Callahan (571.286.6561). We will discuss basic background information as well as specific concerns related to your child's functioning. This conversation will help us determine the next course of action in the therapy process. We will also answer any additional questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!



In order to begin therapy sessions, we require your child to have completed an occupational therapy initial evaluation. This evaluation can be performed by our therapists at dots4peds or you can provide a copy of an updated comprehensive occupational therapy evaluation completed elsewhere within the past 6 months. After the evaluation is completed and/or reviewed, we will determine the need, frequency, and type of service delivery warranted.  After we have scheduled your initial evaluation, we will forward you  (by email or mail) the appropriate documentation forms for you to complete prior to your scheduled time, so that we can review this information.


Evaluation Process

The evaluation will formally assess your child’s overall functional abilities, strengths, and areas of need. This valuable information will help us develop a comprehensive individualized treatment plan and provide home program recommendations.  Evaluations are approximately 1 to 2 hours in length and are usually scheduled during morning hours. Parents are welcome to attend and observe the evaluation but we do ask that interactions with your child be kept at a minimum during test administration as this will help ensure the validity of the results.


Evaluation Review Conference

Once the evaluation and formal written report are completed, we will call and schedule an evaluation review conference with parents or caregivers that will last approximately 30 minutes. During this personal one-on-one meeting, we will discuss the findings and recommendations in the report, including your child's areas of strengths and limitations, whether or not therapy is warranted, and available treatment options. We will also collaborate to develop functional goals and answer any questions you may have. We urge you to attend this meeting without your children present as we prefer not to discuss your child’s performance on testing in front of them. 



Treatment at dots4peds is organized so that children look forward to participating in therapy sessions. We provide a safe and structured environment for your child to “play” and be successful. Every therapy session is individualized based upon your child’s specific needs while simultaneously engaging in motivating activities to bolster self-esteem. Treatment sessions are typically 1 hour – consisting of 50 minutes of direct treatment. The last 10 minutes of the session are used to transition your child, discuss treatment/homework with parents, and for the therapist to write their treatment note. 


We understand therapy is a commitment and time-consuming process, but it is important to maintain consistent attendance at your regularly scheduled therapy sessions. This will help support your child’s development of emerging skills and preserve the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and child. 



Re-evaluations are completed to measure progress on an as-needed basis

to re-assess your child’s goals and areas of concern.  Performance on re-evaluations will assist the therapist in making clinical decisions and recommendations, such as developing new goals, changing therapists or treatment delivery, or discharging a child from therapy. A re-evaluation can consist of a written goal update or administration of standardized testing. Re-evaluations can occur at 3, 6, 9, or 12 month intervals depending on your child’s progress.



we will provide you with a discharge summary and comprehensive home program to maintain progress made in therapy. If you have any questions or concerns following discharge, we are happy to schedule a consultation to provide guidance as needed.Upon discharge from therapy services, 


How to begin the therapy process...